Stellar Outlook PST Repair

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Recovery Software to repair corrupt Outlook PST file and recover all email items securely.

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DiskDoctors Outlook Recovery

Diskdoctors Outlook Recovery is an advanced PST repair tool to repair damaged PST files created with MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007.

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DataNumen Outlook Repair

Datanumen Outlook Recovery software is one of the best pst repair software available to repair PST file and recover all data from it.

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Microsoft Outlook is an advanced software that helps you to send and receive emails. In addition to making email communication better, it simplifies several other tasks as well. For example, you can create and manage email contacts with details like name, email ID, phone, picture, etc. In addition, you can setup calendar and configure meeting schedules. Like this, Microsoft Outlook helps you to perform so many tasks from within one application. And, it uses a file having .pst format to save all emails (sent/received), contacts, calendar entries, notes, email attachments, embedded images, and other data. Until this PST file is perfect, you do not face any issue in MS Outlook but when it is damaged, it takes all data away from you. And, in that case, you are left with only one solution, which is PST Repair.

What causes PST Repair
Outlook PST file may get damaged due to different reasons and once it is damaged, you need to execute PST repair with the help of Outlook PST Repair software. Listed below are some of the reasons that may cause PST damage:
• Improper handling of MS Outlook – If you do not properly exit MS Outlook then it may lead into the damage of PST file.
• If your machine gets shut down suddenly and this happens frequently then it may cause PST damage.
• Presence of a virus in your machine may cause PST damage.
• If the header of PST file gets broken then MS Outlook cannot retrieve data from it.
• If size of PST reaches 2 GB or more then chances of its damage are more; hence, you should keep PST under 2 GB.

These are some of the reasons that may lead into PST damage. As stated earlier, once PST is damaged, you cannot access data available within it until you execute PST repair with the help of Outlook PST Repair software.

How Outlook PST Repair Software Works
Outlook PST Repair software is the specifically designed application that scans the damaged PST file and retrieves data from it. After the data is retrieved, the software displays it to let you preview whatever it has retrieved. From this data, you can either select a few emails, contacts, etc. or all data to save in a new PST file. The new PST file can be imported with any Outlook profile configured in MS Outlook.

The Outlook PST Repair software can be installed on Windows or Mac machines depending upon the software you have purchased. So, you should buy Outlook PST repair software according to the type and version of the operating system installed on your machine. The software comes for free trial as well, which you can use to make you sure that the software is a best fit for your needs.

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